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Volume 2: Social Responsibility

We wrapped up our fifth year, and what a year! SALT created a lot of content to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, and worked with our local partners to apply seafood Traceability Principles. Although SALT has always included worker welfare and the concept of social responsibility as an important slice of the pie to address seafood traceability, more and more companies are including social responsibility and worker welfare in their goals for seafood sustainability. Hoorah!

SALT's Social Responsibility Work

Conversations about how to assess risk of forced labor in seafood, what is the best data to collect, and what does it take to tackle human and labor rights issues in fisheries, can be found in SALT's two features: 

How can data used to trace seafood also fight human and labor abuses in this industry?

The next "Dash of SALT" podcast episode talks to human and labor rights experts about the strong correlation between illegal fishing and seafood worker exploitation and abuse. And why untraditional collaborations could save the day.

SALT’s blog pinpoints some of the pitfalls of collecting fisheries data that would help surface worker abuse, and what labor and human rights experts landed on during a roundtable that SALT convened.

SALT Community Resource Updates

Our Dive Deeper library now has 122 resources, and Seascape Map has 56 efforts focusing on social responsibility. Here are some of them.

Labour Standards On Fishing Vessels: A Problem In Search Of A Home?

(Penelope J. Ridings-Melbourne Journal of International Law)

The Catch
(La Trobe University)

Seas The Day

Though women make up half of all seafood industry workers, the business itself is male-dominated. The Conch podcast, a production of Seafood and Gender Equality (SAGE), features interviews with the most inspiring people in the world of seafood to uplift, amplify, and integrate diverse voices in the global seafood sector. In one of the recent episodes, SALT's Senior Project Director, Erin Taylor, received a major shout-out from Sam Grimley, Executive Director of SeaPact, for her incredible contribution to the sustainable seafood movement. During the episode, Sam highlighted women's contributions to the industry and urged the need for collaboration to transform the sector. Make sure to add this inspiring podcast to your holiday listening list!

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